Our Teams Capabilities Allow Us To Work with Clients in All Industries!


– Who is our client & what are their pain points ?


– What strategy needs to be put in place in order to overcome existing road blocks?


– We put our strategy into place with projections up to 5 years and an efficient plan for success.

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1.) Strategy Deep Dive

– With our clients input, we work to identify struggling areas of the business which we can improve on through a comprehensive strategy. Our strategies encompass operational efficiency, revenue growth, digital marketing & branding.

2.) Plan Build Out

– Based on what we identify as ‘necessary areas of improvement,” we build a strategy plan with attainable KPIs & growth metrics that will become a roadmap of the work ahead.

3.) Team

– Every plan needs a successful team that will make it reach its goals. We work with our clients existing staff and where necessary, bring on new hires. Along with an internal team, our capabilities allow us to bring on 3rd party vendors from a multitude of industries, to meet our clients needs.

4.) Implement

– Once our plan is in place & team assembled, we set out to get the wheels in motion. Painite Consulting’s biggest strength is that we stay with our clients from start to finish. We make sure the plan is executed and we are meeting the KPIs put in place. Your success is our success!

A little bit about Us
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About Us

Our team is made up of creative, visionary and most importantly smart women. Our backgrounds range from finance, wealth management, fashion, retail, manufacturing, consulting, operations as well as technology. We aim to be our clients right hand throughout the continuous success of their own companies. We strongly pride ourselves our ability to mold ourselves into the needs of our clients, however big the challenge may be.

What is Painite ??

We often get asked, “What is the story behind your name?”
Described as one of the rarest gem minerals in the world, painite is a beautifully scarce stone. With 18 known specimens in the world, the stone reflects a range of different hues from different angles including shades of pink, red and brown. The stone’s physical resemblance can be seen in our logo design and we chose this gem’s name to title our business because of it’s exquisite rarity and uniqueness. Like the unique stone we are named after, Painite Consulting offers a special set of services tailored to each client’s needs.

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